10 Worst Mistakes Students Do When Writing Cambridge Admission Essays

Cambridge Admission Essays
Cambridge is ranked 3rd as per the Best Global Universities Ranking. Of course, the university is ranked based on its performance monitored by widely accepted indicators. However, according to the QS World University Ranking 2023, this university is placed at second position while Oxford ranked fourth. So if you are dreaming of getting admission into Cambridge, you must fulfil its admission criteria. It usually requires A+, A+, and A for science groups; however, even with only one A+, you can get admission to arts and humanities groups. If you meet this very first requirement for getting admission, then you must need an application form from Cambridge (it is also widely available online).

Most probably, you have your hands on the Cambridge form and have put all your personal or educational information in the form, and the only thing that is restraining you from sending it to the campus is the admission essay. We can understand your worries; no doubt, to apply for a top-rated university, the admission essay must also be of very good quality. Now, you need not to worry about writing Cambridge admission essays as the following is a brief description of its purpose of writing, methods of writing, and some silly acts to avoid:

What Are the Cambridge Admission Essays?

The academic manuscript that gives students a chance to bridge gaps, if any, in their academic background is called an admission essay. However, if someone is writing it to secure his admission at Cambridge, then it will refer Cambridge admission essay. Concurrently, many students also take it as a personal statement essay. No matter in what way this document is introduced to you, you have to talk about yourself in it, as the admission committee at Cambridge is only interested in knowing about you. So here, the primary task is to give all details about your past achievements, present vision, and future endeavours to the committee, impressively as well as expressively.

What Is the Shortest Way to Write Outstanding Cambridge Admission Essays?

The shortest way is to follow in someone else’s footsteps. Yes, just like on a foggy morning, following someone can help you cover most of the distance, Cambridge admission essays writing process can also be simplified by following the same technique. One point to be kept in mind here is to never download any sample from the internet directly; however, you can get samples from essay writing services. The former may make your essay look ordinary, as many students might have used the same sample for writing their essay drafts as well.

What Are Ten Hilarious Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Cambridge Admission Essays?

Writing Cambridge admission essays by following an essay written by some experts as a template is the most authentic way to complete this task. It still works well for telling you about the nitty-gritty of the writing process; however, the following are some tips. By avoiding these, you can polish the quality of your essay many times:

Hiding Your Original Identity:

Before writing anything about yourself in Cambridge admission essays, you must remember that the committee will also call you for a physical interview later on. If there is a contrast between what you say and what the reality is, then it will have a negative effect on your admission. Thus, own yourself and try to write only about the bright side of your personality.

Forgetting That Your Audience Is Even More Educated Than You:

The silliest mistake while handling any writing task is to neglect your audience. This mistake is offensive as you forget to address the audience to whom you are writing, isn’t it silly? So, please keep in mind that Cambridge is a high-ranked university, and your essay must meet the expectation of highly qualified experts.

Keep Showing The Same Side Of Your Personality Repeatedly:

Yes, this is a mistake, as you have to give as much information about yourself as possible by utilising minimum words. In this case, repeated information not only irritates your dream tutors but also has an effect on your admission process.

Boring And Dull Introduction:

The admission committee receives more than millions of applications from all around the world. Suppose they are already tired from reviewing so many essays, so you do not need to bore them by giving a dull and boring introduction. Simply introduce yourself in a way that the committee would wish to meet you.

Lack Of Creating Connections Between Different Events Of Your Personal Story:

Setting the stage that urges the committee to know more about you but leaving gaps in providing your information is another important mistake. Thereby, try to introduce yourself by taking the best benefits of your storytelling skills.

Being Overconfident:

Being confident is good, but being overconfident is not. Students often lag in defining the very fine line of differences between being confident or overconfident. However, telling the truth about who you are can be helpful in getting rid of this problem.

Adding Worn-Out Clichés Or Jargon:

Cambridge admission essays want you to be as formal as possible. So, you are not at all allowed to use worn-out clichés or jargon, especially when you are struggling to make the chances of getting admission at a university like Cambridge brighter.

Committing Spelling Or Grammatical Mistakes:

Remember, at Cambridge, the experts follow pre-defined criteria for screening the application form or admission essays of the applicants and you have to meet them to get guaranteed admission. But committing mistakes in grammar or spelling can never let you define your way to Cambridge.

Keeping Your Tone Monotonous And Tediously Uniform:

Try to play with words or phrases and use different literacy devices to write something extraordinary. A simple tedious or monotonous tone seems less captivating, so you must add emotions, sentiments and other relatable sensations to stand out.

Taking Help From The Unauthentic Admission Essay Writing Service

It is not only a mistake but a blunder if you don’t seek help from someone. So, keep on track by seeking admission essay help from an expert writer who is trustworthy, reliable and has a long history of helping students like you.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, writing Cambridge admission essays is indeed a technical task, as some additional efforts must be made to improve its overall quality. Instead, by following some good samples and by avoiding some hilarious mistakes, one can easily conquer the task. This article has provided enough information to deal with both of these aspects to write a good essay.


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    You must keep in mind that the committee will also call you for a physical interview once you submit your Cambridge admission essays before you write anything about yourself. Your admission will suffer if there is a discrepancy between what you say and what is actually happening. So, be true to yourself and make an effort to solely write about your positive traits.
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